Hama-con 3 (June 1rst - 3rd 2012)

The upcoming annual convention Hama-con is coming up very FAST! It’s is tomorrow and I am here FLIPING OUT. Sadly, I wont be cosplaying for this one because I didn’t have enough time to finish my cosplay, but i will be cosplaying at the Hama-con mini in November. Me and some friends are going so, we’ll have lots of fun. Anyone elso going? Love to see you there! I’m going to be taking multiple cameras so I dont miss ANYTHING. I’ll post on here and on my youtube (ashleydkny8299) and my devientart (AnimeMaxRide). Ahh, you’ll get to see all over Hama-con. Oh! Did I forget to mention? This is my first Anime Con! Wish me luck! :P